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University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ

Dr. Gómez's Courses
PSY 340: Introduction to Cognitive Development
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Course Description
How infant cognition progresses from a bundle of reflexes at birth to the advanced thinking abilities they exhibit in childhood is a mystery. By age 3 children are proficient at understanding spoken language, by age 7 they have begun to read, and by age 10 they have acquired the concrete operations of math. These milestones in cognitive development are preceded by precocious abilities to reason and think about the world and about other people. In this course we will study the foundations of these abilities in infancy as well as the dramatic changes they undergo in early and middle childhood. We will discuss the contributions of nature vs. nurture, theories of cognitive development, and the experimental methodologies used to study cognitive development. In the course of the semester we will focus on honing your science reasoning and writing skills by having you read papers from the primary literature and complete writing assignments on this basis.